Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms Setting the Ambiance for
Dublin's Bars and Restaurants

Culinary Elegance, Tile by Tile

Since 2005, Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms has been redefining the interiors of Dublin’s bars and restaurants. Our meticulously crafted tiles not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also set the ambiance that owners envision for their dining spaces.



Crafting Gastronomic Spaces

The atmosphere of a restaurant or bar plays an integral role in diners' experiences. With this in mind, Newlook specializes in:

Restaurant Tiling

Whether it's a cozy eatery or a grand dining hall, our tiles echo the culinary artistry of the space, complementing the flavors on the plate.

Bar Tiling

From vibrant pubs to sophisticated wine bars, our tiles add to the vibrancy or calm, always syncing with the vibe of the establishment.

Custom Designs

Each restaurant and bar tells a unique story. We tailor our tiling solutions to reflect that narrative, ensuring your space is genuinely one-of-a-kind.


Why Newlook Stands Out in Dublin's Dining Scene

A Legacy of Excellence: Nearly two decades of working closely with restaurateurs and bar owners have honed our expertise, making us the preferred choice in the dining sector.
Quick and Transparent Quotes: Your business is our priority. Expect detailed quotations within 24 hours of your inquiry.
Safety is Paramount: Every installation we undertake adheres to stringent health and safety regulations, ensuring a smooth transition with zero setbacks.

Our Tile Selection

As Diverse as Culinary Cuisines

Matching the grandeur and themes of dining spaces requires an extensive selection:

Our Creations

Where Dining Meets Design

From traditional Irish pubs to avant-garde restaurants, our tiling solutions encapsulate the essence of Dublin's varied culinary scene.

Epicurean Delight: Take a visual tour of some of the most iconic dining spaces we've transformed with our expertise.



Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our tiles are chosen for their durability, ensuring they endure the hustle and bustle of busy dining establishments.

Newlook's Promise

At Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms, every tile we lay in a restaurant or bar is an extension of its character and charm. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate design and dining, ensuring that every visit to your establishment is an experience in itself.

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