Elevate Employee Experience with Exceptional Office Bathrooms.

Create Stylish and Functional Bathrooms for Your Office Space.

Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms specialises in designing and constructing standout bathrooms for office environments. Understanding the importance of offering employees and clients a serene and top-notch experience amidst their workday, we aim to craft bathrooms that are both functional and luxurious. With our expertise, we can transform your office bathrooms into refined spaces that leave a lasting impression on every user.

Customised Design

Tailored Designs for Office Bathrooms.

Craft a Unique Aesthetic that Aligns with Your Corporate Identity.

Our bespoke design solutions ensure that your office bathrooms mirror the ethos and elegance of your corporate brand. Whether it's a minimalist contemporary design or a plush executive finish, our team captures the essence of your company's character. Every design element is carefully selected to ensure that each bathroom radiates professionalism and style.


Functional Layout

Efficient and User-Friendly Office Bathroom Layouts.

Optimise Space and Boost Employee Comfort.

In a busy office setting, the efficiency of a bathroom's layout is crucial. Taking into consideration factors such as employee traffic, space allocation, and user convenience, we plan bathrooms that cater to the diverse needs of staff, visitors, and clients alike. Our commitment to strategic space utilisation guarantees a seamless and comfortable experience for everyone.

HighQuality Materials

Premium Materials for Enduring Refinement.

Set a Professional Tone with Luxurious Finishes.

Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms is committed to quality above all. We handpick materials that exude elegance and are tailored to endure the demands of a bustling office environment. From the finest tiles to opulent fixtures, our selections epitomise both durability and class. Our focus on quality ensures a lasting aura of sophistication.


Accessibility Considerations

Inclusive Designs for Accessible Office Bathrooms.

Prioritising Accessibility and User Comfort in Every Design.

Every individual matters in a professional setting. With this guiding principle, we design office bathrooms that cater to users of all abilities. Every feature, from wider entryways to strategically placed support bars, is indicative of our commitment to making everyone feel facilitated and valued. Our designs embody our understanding of the importance of accessibility in promoting an inclusive work environment.

Timely Project Management

Seamless Project Management for Office Bathroom Renovations.

Ensuring Minimal Disruption and Prompt Project Completion.

In the corporate world, time is paramount. Our adept project management team ensures coordinated execution, minimal disturbance to office operations, and timely project completion. With our structured approach, you can trust us to deliver outstanding results within the agreed timeframe, allowing your staff to continue their tasks with little to no interruption.


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