Japanese/Asian-Inspired Design Services
Immerse in the Serenity of Asian Aesthetics

Minimalistic, Natural, and Exuding Tranquility

Experience the tranquil beauty of Japanese/Asian-inspired design, with its minimalistic layout, natural materials, and a soothing palette that transports you to a realm of peace and calm.


What Makes Us Different

Perfecting the Art of Zen Living

Crafting Spaces that Echo Tranquility

Our designers excel in creating spaces that reflect the essence of Asian aesthetics, masterfully combining minimalism with natural elements to cultivate tranquility and harmony.

Get Inspired

Journey through
Eastern Serenity

Discover the Beauty of Less is More

Peruse our gallery of Japanese/Asian-inspired designs, showcasing spaces that blend simplicity with functionality, evoking the essence of zen living.



An Ode to Tranquil Elegance

Our Process

Crafting Your Asian-Inspired Sanctuary

Your Zen Retreat, Our Mission

Wetrooms consulting

Consultation: Unveiling Your Vision

We commence with a detailed consultation to comprehend your vision and preferences for your Asian-inspired space.

Wetrooms concept & design

Concept Development: Visualising Your Zen Retreat

Our team translates your vision into a unique design concept, using sketches, mood boards, and 3D renderings to visualise your dream space.

Wetroom approval

Approval: Refining Your Sanctuary

We refine and adjust the design based on your feedback until we shape your ideal Asian-inspired sanctuary.


Implementation: Materialising Your Tranquil Oasis

Our team of skilled artisans meticulously implements the design, ensuring precision, quality, and respect for Asian design principles.


Handover: Welcome to Your Asian-Inspired Oasis

We conduct a final walk-through and handover your beautifully transformed Asian-inspired space.


Clarifying Your Doubts

Take the Next Step: Journey into Modern Wetroom Design

Your Contemporary Oasis Awaits

Step into the future with our innovative wetroom designs. Schedule a consultation with Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms today and let's shape your dream space together.

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