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The Epitome of Retail and Showroom Tiling in Dublin

Mission Statement

Transcending Ordinary

Tailored Tiling Solutions for Retail Spaces and Showrooms

In the heart of Dublin since 2005, Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms has risen as the gold standard in tiling solutions for retail shops and showrooms. Our prowess lies in transforming commercial spaces into immersive buying experiences through precision and elegance.



Bringing Retail Visions to Life

The aesthetics of a retail or showroom space play a pivotal role in the consumer's journey. Newlook is at the forefront of:

Retail Shop Tiling

From boutique stores to large-scale retail chains, our tiles enhance the shopping ambiance, reflecting brand ethos.

Showroom Tiling

Let the finesse of our tiles elevate your products, be it automotive showrooms, furniture galleries, or high-end electronics spaces.

Custom Solutions for Brands

Our collaborative approach means your brand identity shines through in every tile, ensuring brand-story coherence.


Why Newlook is the Retailer's Choice

Decades of Expertise: Our legacy in the tiling industry equips us to understand the nuances and demands of retail spaces.
Swift Turnarounds: We appreciate business timelines, ensuring prompt quotations within 24 hours and adherence to project schedules.
Safety and Compliance: Every tiling installation abides by the highest health and safety regulations, promising a risk-free transformation.

Our Tile Selection

Our Diverse Tile Portfolio

Matching the grandeur and themes of dining spaces requires an extensive selection:


Showcasing Our Craft

Our portfolio gleams with retail spaces and showrooms across Dublin, each testament to our commitment to brilliance.

Retail Brilliance: Explore a world where every store we've touched radiates brand aura and shopping allure.



Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on tailoring our tiling solutions to mirror and enhance your brand's essence.

Our Commitment

With Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms, it's more than just laying tiles; it's about crafting retail stories and building brand pedestals. As we lay each tile, we embed a piece of your brand's soul, ensuring that every footstep within resonates with your brand's journey.

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