Residential Spas & Pools

Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms:
Excellence in Residential Spas & Pools Tiling in Dublin

Crafting Luxurious Spas & Pools Spaces in Dublin's Prestigious Residences

Dive into Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms' world of refined craftsmanship. Since 2005, we have risen as Dublin's leading name in tiling for residential spas and pools, ensuring every watery retreat embodies elegance and lasting functionality.


Tailored Tiling Solutions for Spas & Pools

Your home's spa and pool should be the epitome of relaxation and leisure. At Newlook, we bring a meticulous touch to these spaces, delivering unparalleled tiling solutions for modern residences:

Bespoke Spa Tiling

From whirlpool baths to steam rooms, our tiling enhances your spa's allure and luxury.

Residential Pool Tiling

Make every plunge memorable with our intricate designs and precision tiling for pools.

Customized Designs

We believe every spa and pool is a personal statement. Collaborate with us to bring your bespoke tiling vision to life.


Newlook's Signature Distinctions

Decades of Mastery: Almost 20 years in the tiling arena means we know how to merge beauty with durability, especially in watery environments.

Swift Responses: Your time is precious. Count on us for prompt, detailed, free estimates within 24 hours of inquiry.
Safety Above All: Every project follows stringent health and safety protocols, ensuring that your spa and pool tiling journey is seamless and secure.

Our Diverse Tile Palette

We are seasoned in utilizing a broad spectrum of tiles to infuse luxury into your spa and pool spaces:

Marvel at Our Masterpieces

Each spa and pool we've adorned stands as an ode to our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Delve into our portfolio and experience the Newlook transformation in numerous Dublin residences.

Showcase of Pools & Spas:
Wander through our gallery of spas and pools, each echoing our commitment to aesthetics and functionality.



Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our experts guide you in selecting tiles that are resilient against varying pool conditions.

Our Commitment

For Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms, a spa or pool isn’t just an amenity – it's an experience. We endeavor to ensure each tile we lay amplifies that experience, marrying quality with opulence.

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