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Elevate Patient Experience with Exceptional Hospital and Nursing Home Bathrooms.

Create Stylish and Functional Bathrooms for Your Healthcare Facility.

Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms specialises in designing and constructing bathrooms specifically tailored for hospitals and nursing homes. Recognizing the essential nature of hygiene, comfort, and safety in healthcare settings, we are dedicated to creating bathrooms that uphold these standards while offering a sense of tranquillity. With our expertise, we can transform your facility's bathrooms into safe and soothing spaces for every individual.

Customised Design

Tailored Designs for Hospital and Nursing Home Bathrooms.

Craft a Unique Aesthetic that Complements the Healing Environment.

Our custom design solutions ensure that your healthcare facility's bathrooms seamlessly resonate with the care and compassion you provide. Whether you desire a serene, minimalist design or one that radiates warmth, our team captures the essence of patient-centric care in every detail. Our designs strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that every bathroom fosters a healing atmosphere.


Functional Layout

Efficient and User-Friendly Bathroom Layouts for Healthcare Settings.

Maximise Space and Prioritise Patient Comfort and Safety.

In healthcare environments, the functionality of a bathroom goes beyond mere convenience. Taking into account patient mobility, accessibility needs, and caregiver assistance, we plan bathrooms that cater to patients, staff, and visitors alike. Our commitment to smart space utilisation guarantees an environment where safety and comfort coexist.

HighQuality Materials

Premium Materials for Lasting Durability and Hygiene.

Maintain Sterility and Elegance with Quality Finishes.

Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms ensures that quality is uncompromised. We select materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to withstand the unique demands of a healthcare environment. From easily sanitized tiles to fixtures that minimise germ retention, our choices reflect a deep understanding of the necessities of hospital and nursing home settings.


Accessibility Considerations

Inclusive Designs for Accessible Healthcare Bathrooms.

Prioritising Accessibility, Safety, and Patient Comfort in Every Feature.

In hospitals and nursing homes, accessibility is paramount. Our designs cater to individuals with varying levels of mobility and health concerns. From wide doorways to support bars and non-slip flooring, every feature is meticulously planned to provide ease of use and safety, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their health status, feels catered for and secure.

Timely Project Management

Efficient Project Management for Healthcare Bathroom Renovations.

Minimising Disruption and Delivering Timely Results.

Understanding the continuous operation of healthcare facilities, our project management approach is designed to cause minimal disturbance to your care routine. Our team ensures coordinated efforts, adhering to strict timelines, and maintaining open communication. Trust in us to deliver transformative results without impeding your essential services.


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