Bathrooms for Sports Facilities


Elevate Comfort and Convenience with Sports Facility Bathrooms.

Create Functional and Hygienic Spaces for Athletes and Visitors.

New Bathroom Renovations specialises in crafting bespoke bathrooms for sports facilities. We have a deep understanding of the distinct requirements of athletes and visitors alike, striving to deliver practical, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom solutions. Leveraging our expertise, we can transform your sports facility bathrooms into spaces that elevate the overall experience of your patrons.

Hygiene and Durability

Prioritising Hygiene and Durability in Sports Facility Bathrooms.

Create Clean and Resilient Spaces for HighTraffic Environments.

Our primary emphasis lies in utilizing topnotch materials and fixtures that boast excellent durability, enabling them to withstand the demands of a hightraffic sports facility. Our expert team takes meticulous care in designing your bathrooms to facilitate effortless cleaning and maintenance, thereby fostering a hygienic environment for athletes and visitors alike.


Efficient Layout

Efficient Layouts for Sports Facility Bathrooms.

Optimise Space and Improve User Experience.

Our team carefully evaluates the distinctive flow and usage patterns of sports facilities to develop bathroom layouts that are both efficient and effective. We strategically position fixtures, ensure ample storage, and incorporate separate areas for changing and showering to optimize functionality and enhance the user experience for athletes and visitors alike.

Accessibility Features

Inclusive Design for Accessible Sports Facility Bathrooms.

Catering to the Needs of All Users.

We make accessibility a top priority when designing bathrooms in sports facilities, ensuring they are inclusive for users of all abilities. Our team integrates features like accessible stalls, grab bars, and clear pathways to adhere to applicable compliance, offering a comfortable and safe experience for every visitor.


Locker Room Integration

Seamless Integration of Bathrooms and Locker Rooms.

Enhancing the Flow and Convenience for Athletes.

At our core, we grasp the significance of fluidly linking bathrooms and locker rooms within sports facilities. Our team is dedicated to crafting harmonious spaces that foster convenience and effortless accessibility for athletes. By strategically positioning amenities and creating efficient layouts, we guarantee athletes a seamless transition between the locker room and bathroom areas.

Timely Project Management

Efficient Project Management for Sports Facility Bathroom Renovations.

Minimise Disruption and Ensure Timely Completion.

We understand the significance of minimising disruptions to sports facility operations when undergoing bathroom renovations. With our skilled project management team, we guarantee efficient coordination, timely completion, and minimal interference with daily activities. We collaborate closely with you to meticulously plan and execute the project with the utmost professionalism, ensuring optimal efficiency throughout the process.

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