Coastal/Beach Style

Coastal/Beach Style Design Services
Experience the Serenity of Coastal Living

Light, Airy, and Exuding Oceanic Charm

Discover the tranquil essence of coastal architecture, defined by light tones, breezy aesthetics, and ocean-inspired details. Make your room into a beach-style refuge that inspires relaxation.

What Makes Us Different

Mastering the Art of Coastal Elegance

Crafting Spaces that Echo the Ocean's Calm

Our designers adeptly create coastal spaces that balance sophistication with simplicity, embodying the relaxing ambiance of a seaside retreat.

Get Inspired

Journey Through Tranquil Beach Styles

Dive into the Oceanic Elegance

Explore our coastal design gallery, which features interiors that combine bright, airy aesthetics with the casual elegance of beach living.


A Display of Seaside Sophistication

Our Process

Crafting Your Coastal Haven

Your Beach-Style Dream, Our Expertise

Consultation: Understanding Your Vision
The Beginning of Your Coastal Journey
We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your vision and preferences for your coastal-style space.
Concept Development: Visualizing Your Coastal Retreat
Your Personal Beach House Blueprint
Our team transforms your vision into a unique coastal design concept, providing sketches, mood boards, and 3D renderings to visualize your dream beach-style space.
Approval: Perfecting Your Dream
Your Satisfaction, Our Priority
We refine and adjust the design based on your feedback until we create your perfect coastal haven.
Implementation: Building Your Seaside Sanctuary
Skilled Artisans at Work
Our team of skilled craftsmen meticulously implement the design, ensuring quality, precision, and attention to detail in every aspect.
Handover: Welcome to Your Beach-Style Oasis
Your Personal Retreat Awaits
We conduct a final walk-through and handover your beautifully transformed coastal space.


Addressing Your Queries

What characterizes a coastal/beach style design?

Coastal design is characterized by light and airy color palettes, natural textures, and ocean-inspired elements that evoke a relaxed, beach house feel.

Can coastal design be applied to spaces that aren't near the beach?

Absolutely. Coastal design can be applied to any space, regardless of its geographical location, to create a calming and relaxing ambiance.

Does coastal design only suit casual spaces?

Not at all. While coastal design is often associated with a relaxed feel, it can also be made more sophisticated to suit a variety of settings.

Can I blend coastal design with other styles?

Yes. Our design team can help blend coastal aesthetics with other design styles to create a space that reflects your unique tastes and preferences.

What kind of maintenance does a coastal design require?

Maintenance for a coastal design largely depends on the materials used. Our team provides detailed instructions to help maintain your space's beauty and longevity.

Take the Next Step: Your Coastal Dream Awaits

Embark on Your Design Journey

Begin your journey with us today to create a space that is light, airy, and beautifully coastal. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Client Feedback

Based on 47 reviews
I am a one - off building contractor and Interior designer who started to use the services of New Look Tiles and Bathrooms since the beginning of 2023 . I can highly recommend Clive, Brian and the team, they make me look great to my clients. They are bursting with enthusiasm, are dedicated to their clients needs. New Look`s team are highly experienced, and extremely skilled and leave nothing to chance. Their attention to details and professionalism is second to none, and they are also really nice guys and a pleasure to deal with. Well done New Look tiles !!!!!
My Space Build and Design Andréa O`Hare
My Space Build and Design Andréa O`Hare
A big thankyou to Brian, Dave and all the team for installing a brand new ensuite bathroom in the downstairs bedroom and refurbishing the guest bathroom. I chose Newlook Tiles & Bathrooms because Brian took the time to listen to my ideas and his expert advice greatly helped the decision-making process. The team were hardworking, friendly and helpful. A nicer bunch of people you couldn't meet! And the results speak for themselves.
Tina C
Tina C
Newlook recently renovated our main bathroom, so easy to deal with. Clive and all of his team are so professional and there to help every step of the way. Will be getting our ensuite done next year and I certainly wont be calling anywhere else.
Marc Lynch
Marc Lynch
The lads did a fantastic job on two bathrooms, downstairs toilet and some tiling in the kitchen for us. The lads were always very professional and reliable, we are absolutely delighted with our new bathrooms! I would wholeheartedly recommend Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms to everyone.
Joanna L
Joanna L
We're thrilled with the bathroom makeover Brian and his crew delivered. The process was seamless, from product selection to bringing our vision to life. Their expertise made it an awesome reality, and we're super happy with the results!
Marzena Paterek
Marzena Paterek
Good company and quality jobs
Neculai Cristian Bocanel Bocanel
Neculai Cristian Bocanel Bocanel
Delighted to recommend Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms. The team were a pleasure to deal with and they made the whole renovation effortless from our perspective. The transformation in our bathrooms has to be seen to be believed and the final product exceeded expectations.
Jim Quinn
Jim Quinn
I would highly recommend Newlook Tiles & Bathrooms. From the first point of contact on phone to completed job the team were highly professional and helpful. My understairs WC and main bathroom were completed renovated - the team were very professional, efficient and thorough while carrying out project and always available to take call if required. The job was finished to very high standard and I am delighted with end result.
Beaumont D9
Beaumont D9
Excellent work from Clive and team. Couldn't be happier with their service and professionalism. Thanks again Clive!
Hazel Keeley
Hazel Keeley
New look finished off the bathroom so nicely and they really know what they’re doing/ talking about. Having Brian and the team was such a weight off our shoulders. Should we need a bathroom doing again we will most certainly call new look tiles 🙂 I highly recommend..
Lara Kuhnis
Lara Kuhnis