Disability Bathrooms

Universal Access Meets Elegant Design
Where Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Disability bathrooms experience the fusion of ergonomic design with refined elements tailored for mobility. Our designs ensure easy access and functionality without compromising on style and elegance. We are now working throughout Dublin and surround counties. Call us now to discuss your disability bathrooms needs or fill out contact form and member of our will be in touch.

What Makes Us Different

Mobility with Sophistication

Efficient Designs, Contemporary Approach

Our designers prioritize both accessibility and modern style. The result is a bathroom that not only meets mobility needs but also stands out in contemporary luxury.

Get Inspired

Journey Through Adaptive Designs

Where Every Feature Ensures Comfort

Our gallery showcases the pinnacle of disability bathrooms. Dive in to discover styles that resonate with your needs and aesthetics.

Disability Bathrooms Gallery

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Our Process

Adapting Spaces, One Feature at a Time

Your Accessible Oasis is Within Reach

Consultation: Starting with Your Essential Needs
Prioritizing Comfort and Safety
Our design discussions kick off by understanding your specific mobility requirements, ensuring we curate a space that's both safe and aesthetically pleasing.
Concept Development: Visualizing Accessibility
From Needs to Noteworthy Design
The design team sketches out concepts that infuse mobility features with contemporary aesthetics, using mood boards and 3D renderings for clarity.
Approval: Your Space, Tailored to You
Refinements to Perfection
Your feedback is crucial. We adjust and refine designs until they align perfectly with your vision and mobility needs.
Implementation: Crafting Accessible Luxury
Detail-Oriented Installations
Our craftsmen, with their deep expertise, bring the approved designs to life, ensuring top-notch quality and functionality.
Handover: Your Modern Mobility Space Beckons
Delight in Your Adapted Retreat
After a thorough final review, we present your renewed space, harmonizing mobility and design.


Catering to Your Concerns

Can existing features be adapted for better mobility?

Absolutely, our team is skilled at integrating and modifying existing fixtures to better suit mobility needs.

How do you ensure the bathroom remains stylish while being functional?

We blend ergonomic features with modern design trends to ensure every bathroom is a blend of style and function.

What's the typical timeframe for a mobility bathroom project?

Depending on the specifics and complexities, timelines vary. A clearer estimate is provided post-consultation.

Is it possible to revise designs during the adaptation?

Your feedback drives our designs. We’re flexible and will adjust based on your insights throughout the process.

Is there a warranty on the mobility fixtures?

Yes, all mobility fixtures sourced by us come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Do you know about any financial assistance or grants for mobility bathroom upgrades?

Absolutely! If you’re considering modifications for mobility, there are grants available:

Households earning up to €30,000: You might be eligible for up to 95% of the costs, but there’s a maximum grant of €30,000 for homes over 12 months old and €14,500 for newer ones.

For incomes between €30,001 and €35,000: Grants can cover up to 85% of the costs, with a limit of €25,500 for older homes and €12,325 for newer ones.

For households earning between €35,001 and €60,000: The grant rate reduces from 75% down to 30% based on your income bracket.

It’s important to note that households with a gross annual income exceeding €60,000 aren’t eligible. Also, the exact amount you might receive is determined by your local authority’s available funding.

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