Sutton Golf Club Gents

Sutton Golf Club Gents

Sutton Golf Club , a club and course the members are happy to claim occupies a unique place in Irish golf. A bold claim but one which the club is confident in making. It is also generally acknowledged to be the most famous nine-hole club in Ireland with a reputation that extends all around the golfing world.


To transform the Gents bathroom facilities and infuse them with a modern touch while preserving the timeless charm of the building’s style.


We strive to create a design that seamlessly blends elegance with a contemporary edge, embodying a sense of modern sophistication. Our vision includes incorporating black quartz with a delicate white vein, along with a captivating vanity area and pristine white sinks. For the walls, we propose light grey tiles with a subtle white vein, complemented by grey floor tiles featuring gentle white veining. These thoughtfully selected materials and finishes will culminate in a timeless aesthetic that radiates warmth and opulence.

Cubicles material
Charles Colour
Cubicles (Fundermax)
Washroom collection
Wall tile 60 x 30
Wall tiles with a subtle light grey vein
Floor tiles 60 x 60
Grey floor tiles with delicate white veining
Sink & Basin
Black Quartz with white vien vanity sink with white basins