Creating a Safer Bathroom for Elderly People: Essential Tips from Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms

As we age, our mobility and safety needs change, making it crucial to adapt our living spaces accordingly. Bathrooms, in particular, can pose a significant risk for elderly individuals due to the increased chances of slips and falls. Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms specializes in renovating bathrooms for both residential and commercial properties, focusing on making these spaces safer and more accessible for the elderly. In this blog, we’ll explore essential tips and modifications that can help create a safer bathroom environment for your elderly loved ones.

Anti-Scald Shower Units: A Must-Have for Safety

One of the key features to consider in a bathroom renovation for the elderly is the installation of an anti-scald shower unit. These units come with built-in safety buttons that prevent accidental scalding, a common hazard for those with reduced sensitivity or mobility. Ensuring that your shower is equipped with this feature can provide peace of mind and added safety.

The Importance of Anti-Slip Surfaces

Slips and falls in the bathroom are a significant concern, especially for the elderly. To mitigate this risk, it’s advisable to install anti-slip bath or shower trays, wet room floors, and floor tiles. These surfaces provide extra grip and stability, reducing the chances of accidents.

Door Choices: Sliding or Hinged Over Bi-Fold

When considering door options for your bathroom, it’s important to avoid bi-fold doors. In the event of a fall, bi-fold doors, which open inward, can hinder access and make it difficult to assist someone inside. Opting for sliding or hinged doors can offer easier access and are generally safer in emergency situations.

Temperature Control: Inline Mixing Valves

To prevent the risk of burns from hot water, installing an inline mixing valve under the basin is a wise choice. These valves regulate water temperature, ensuring it doesn’t exceed a safe level (typically around 38°C). This simple addition can significantly increase safety in the bathroom.

High-Level Toilets and Grab Rails: Enhancing Accessibility

A high-level toilet can make a significant difference in ease of use for the elderly, making it easier to sit down and stand up. Additionally, installing fold-down grab rails beside the toilet and in the shower area can provide the necessary support and stability, reducing the risk of falls.

Fold-Down Seats: Comfort and Safety in the Shower

A fold-down seat in the shower area is not just a luxury but a necessity for many elderly individuals. These seats, which are mounted to the wall, provide a secure and comfortable place to sit while showering. Equipped with padded arms and legs, they offer additional support and safety.

Consult the Experts at Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms

For more detailed advice and options, we encourage you to speak with a team member at Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms. Our experts can guide you through the various products and modifications available to ensure that your bathroom renovation meets all your safety and mobility needs.

At Newlook Tiles and Bathrooms, we understand that creating a safe and accessible bathroom for the elderly goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about providing a functional, secure, and comfortable space. Whether you’re a homeowner or caring for elderly family members, these tips can help you make informed decisions for a safer bathroom environment.

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